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best waywt pics

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mayb it's just the angle but the shoes look real goofy in eternal's fit. sort of that clown shoe tip imo

whiz looks dope tho, seems super comfortable

I live near a hospital that has a methadone clinic appended to it on the main street. You hear some priceless bogan discussion out the front. Like this excellent interpretation of first-pass metabolism:

"You see, the thing about benzos is you have to take about twenny of em, cos the first ten'll just go straight thru ya. That's the medical explanation."

hahahahha wish i could +rep, i guess bogans don't really understand how a liver works

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if du had to be a pretentious priscilla, at least line the shit up and make everything parallel at least.

you went through all the trouble of organising the things that you want the internet to know you wear and do - now i just think you're a messy guy who didn't take the time to even fold your clothes nicely.

stypid, leave that shit for your tumblr.

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awesome fit + visual


right, following up on the loo shot theme again



Evoluzione / LUC / Individual sentiments / collateral / julius / m.a+ .. & some 60's winklepickers.

merz needs to post here more

very underrated waywt'er

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