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Interest Check - EG Workaday Fatigues, EG Chore Coat, Number (n) Mocs size 11 etc


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Just wanted to throw a quick interest check to see if anyone out there woudl be interested in picking up some EG and 45rpm items I am looking to get rid of.

Good prices of course.

EG Workaday Olive fatigues for 150 dollars shipped

EG Natural Organic Cotton Chore coat in XL from 2009 for 120 shipped

EG size L chamnbray shirt for 90 shipped

plus a few random shirts in XL and L from Engineered Garments and 45 rpm.

Ill check back, please let me know if you are interested in these items. I will get some pictures up this evening and get it all setup proper.


- Mike

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