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Cheaper versions of typically expensive items


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already own several pairs of CPs but felt like getting these anyway. best achilles knock off i've spotted imo, but i'm wary of the sizing (whether it runs big like CPs or not idk, i ordered tts) and also the insole (whether it is leather or not).


i ordered with 20% off and free shipping at the time, came to $90-something aud

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follow up on the common projects knock offs for those who care and are willing to forego dignity to cop


i wear 42 in CPs and bought a 43 in these. they are somewhat roomy in the toebox (forefoot is not as pointed as CPs), but the width is just fine (and i have fat feet). wearing normal socks seems to let these fit just fine.


the sole is practically the same length as achilles in size 42 (~12 inches). there is about a thumb width of space between the front tip and my big toe - same as the achilles.


  • silhouette is not exactly the same. it's a chunkier shoe all around - even the rubber sole is a little thicker around the stitched edge.
  • the sole itself is also a knock off of the CP sole (i have no idea what they're called)
  • the insole is leather and is glued in but doesn't fit as flush as that of CPs (minor gripe)
  • there is some gold embossment inside (topman branding and '55001506' on the side)
  • heel stitching looks a little dodgy as you can see. it only extends up a tiny bit
  • they are sort of creaky when i walk around in them. will probably stop once they are broken in
  • laces aren't straight laced like CPs. i've made the mistake of criss-crossing a pair of achilles once and the wrinkle/stress point at the forefoot and toeline was all fucked up. not sure if that is a problem for this shoe.


they are made in portugal, if that means anything





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