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Shooting people in the face saved my life


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yea...obsessing over whether a 25" gaming setup is better than a 32" all-purpose deal is on that same level, driving me mad.

DICE isn't letting ps3 or 360 mix with PC like steam right? cuz that would be interesting, very very interesting imo with valve letting it have a real chance with dedicated servers and whatnot.

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gameplay isn't perfect though, and this is more of the same.

also, judging by cod xp or w/e it was called - waaay too many arbitrary features.

Haha, the first 180 something pages of the main video games thread are about shooting people in the face, but that thread has transformed in uber geek acronym l33tspeak fest.

first 180 pages was people discussing their favourite loadouts and what killstreaks they prefer to use in MW2.

i'd much rather have a thread where we discuss games everyone else is playing - so yes a bunch of sufu'ers play HoN and LoL (we can type out the whole title if that will make it look less 1337 :-| ), but the topic is much more varied.


@lozinski - 2.5 is a joke, as in it looks identical to every cod game since cod4

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