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Movies that people like but which actually suck aka "classics" that shouldn't be classics


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There Will Be Blood was dope. Daniel Day-Lewis was dope, the movie/clothes/haircuts looked cool and the milkshake shit was hilarious.

I know it was an old post, but I didn't like Hobo With a Shotgun at all either. I thought parts of it looked cool, but it wasn't fun/funny to me at all and I like stupid violent shit.

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Yo mass way off the mark on the first two. Heat is a fucking awesome movie (albeit it way too long) and platoon is some pretty effective straightforward war ish. Usual Suspects is basically useless once you know what's good with Spacey though fully agree

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both films

agree with many of nolans films up there, rewatch value for nolans work is very small

10000000% agree with usual suspects (terrible) and leon (even worse)

disagree with drive (with the exception of brooks), akira, 2001, chungking express, there will be blood

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