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3rd World positives


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1) everything can be bought : women, beer, estates, small arms, etc – for a lot cheaper

2) have problems? bribe 'em away.

3) u like servants? buy 'em.

4) legal problems? kill your opponents.

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educate yourselves

the fact that you used these words makes me think you're no more than 18 yrs old and consequently very impressionable, probably attend a liberal arts college and are overall very punchable.

i don't care what you say and what the actual facts are, i will never shake this perception.

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Since you have less money, you have less problems.

(I know grammatically it should be "fewer" problems, but in the third world I can say fuck you to you grammar nazis.)

there ain't any grammEr nazi's in the third world since none of them know how to speak the proper english.

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