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The media coverage on this has been epic.

Won't affect me in the slightest, (no regular car, live far from the 405) but all the polarizing reaction has been great. JetBlue is offering a $4 fare Long Beach to Burbank.

Despite what they say, it could end up just like the '84 Olympics, where they shut down everything and there were no real traffic issues.

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are there flights to westwood to downtown?

1:573 is not a real scale. i was tricked.

ride your bike and fly past all the motorist in gridlock. only sketchy part on wilshire is near the LA country club but with no traffic the shitty road will be much more manageable.

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Looks like ione hell of a weekend ahead...



fuck you landocal

fuck your centered post

fuck your ellipses

fuck your uploaded LA newsfeed images to your photobucket account even though you don't even fucking live in la you fuckin SF-hippie-gone-NY-coolguy your opinion doesn't even fucking matter

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