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FS: PBJ005,013,Fjallraven,Trickers, Uniqlo,Corter


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#1: Pure Blue Japan XX-005 Size 29 One Wash

Worn for about 3 months. Crotch has been repaired. Original inseam length. Some loose threads here and there. Overall pretty great condition. These have been soaked twice but never washed.


Waist: 16.25"

FR; 9"

BR: 14"

Thigh: 11"

Knee: 7.5"

LO: 7.75"

IS: 36"


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Why haven´t anyone bought those trickers yet? if they where 7 i would have bought them long time ago. Hey, franklin, i have a nice Stephan Schneider knit, I trade you for them anyways ;)

Free bump!

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