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I figure if Street Fighter gets it's own thread GT can too especially since people are probably copping PS3's just for this game.

I'll keep a list of PSN usernames here on the front page -

dotpichu - dotpichu

DÃœM - majorwaves

Evilcrayon - Evilcrayon

fallen angels - fayenatic

haptronic - haptronic

jizzimmy - wavetest

MyAcademy - MyAcademy

pokpok - sprintertrueno86


semaj - Wasanasan

shinchrono - hyoureki

Discuss cars, wheels, tuning, trades, paint colors etc.

Since the 'send to friend' feature is pretty dope people can ask for shit they need/want in here and someone will probably have it or help.

I just finished the pickup truck races and I'll send my ford lightning to anyone that wants it.


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i'm Evilcrayon. Exteeng has been playing on my account a lot though.

I'm working on the R32 GT-R and Levin GT-Apex right now. Just tuning them right now with light mods. I really wish the tuning was more in-depth but hopefully a patch will fix it.


Look at that front tire :( such poor rendering although it might just be the camera settings..)


and my starting car ^_^

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I'm kind of an Internet shut-in though.

Don't know why it took me so long, but I started fucking with the '62 Buick Special you win for one of the American muscle races last night.

Shit is a fucking ROCKET. You don't even need to be a good driver, it hits 200 on straightaways and accelerates like a beast.

That being said, I'm still taking my time working mostly on licenses & messing with all the free cars.

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recently won this from the NR A Roadster race in b-spec and will be using it as my moneymaker until i save up enough for a better ride. pic is not in-game but for a standard car i think it's rendered nicely. pretty decent in turns with default settings but i'll keep tweaking the suspension and transmission for sharp turns to compensate for wheel spin...

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REALLY not looking forward to doing all those license tests/special challenges again, FFFFFF especially the advanced nascar/top gear and merc ones

From what I recall, you can still do all the races without doing the license tests in GT5 unlike in GT4 where you have to pass every license to qualify for some races. Correct me if i'm wrong though, completely talking out of my ass right now.

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Wow, those pickup truck drivers are real motherfuckers, haha.

Never been intentionally spun out by more AI drivers in a single race!

Also, fuck the Top Gear specials.

Looking forward to hitting 16 and crushing the rally school this evening, its supposed to be an easy 500k + 2 decent & 1 awesome car.

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playing around with photo mode:






Finally finished the Sebastien Loeb challenges after about an hour . The first race was alright but the second and third I found almost impossible to get even bronze... Then when I was changing up the driving options I turned on Skid Recovery and everything was a joke. PROFIT

edit: anyone get this yet?


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PSN: bigfatblackguy

Haven't tried anything online yet since I heard it was shite (a couple days after launch - stuff like huge traffic and only free-for-all races).

Also, I'm from Australia, so I don't think I'll even get to race anyone from here (shit connection, timezone diff.)...

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