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patch 1.05 is out!

A new update has been released for Gran Turismo 5.

The main contents of the update are as follows:

- Seasonal Events

[seasonal Events] have been added to the upper left side of the [GT Mode] - [GT Life] screen. From here you can participate in official online events from the Polyphony Digital team.

In these events, all participants race under the same regulations, and if you complete the event you will win rewards and experience. In Time Trials and Drift Trials, compete on the leader boards with players around the world.

- Online Dealership

An [Online Dealership] has been added to the left center of the [GT Mode]-[GT Life] screen. In here you will find popular and rare used cars.

You might just come across that one car you’ve always been looking for, that you haven’t been able to find in the [used Car Dealer]

- Online Race Rewards and Experience

When you complete a race in the [Open Lobby] or [My Lounge], you will now gain rewards and experience points.

Therefore if you are focused more on playing online, you’ll still be able to gain rewards and levels that you need to progress in [GT Life].

- Driving Distance and Number of Wins in Online Races

The driving distance and the number of wins you achieve when you complete a race in [Open Lobby] or [My Lounge] will now affect your stats in [Profile] and the [Garage].

Here again the results from your online play will cumulate within [GT Life].

- Improved Rewards

The rewards for winning races in both A-Spec and B-Spec in [GT Mode]-[GT Life] have been increased for a limited time only. (This applies until the end of January 2011)

This is a great chance for those who were previously having difficulties getting ahead in the game, due to a lack of funds for tuning and purchasing required cars.

- Race Information Display

[Race Information Display] is now available in [start]-[Quick Options]. (You can also see this in [Race Display] in [Options]).

- Save Data Backup

You can now copy and restore your save data. For details, please refer to the in-game [Manual].

- Personal BGM (Menu)

From [Options]-[Hardware]-[Audio], it is now possible to set the [Personal BGM] (Menu)]. (This can also be accessed from the [Music Library] within [GT Mode]).

- Car Name Change

The official name of "Red Bull X1" has been changed to "Red Bull X2010".

- Integration with the Website

The main features within [GT Mode]-[Community] can now also be accessed through the "gran-turismo.com" official website.

[important Note:]

* We have made improvements to the [Log] within [GT Mode]- [Community] section, in order to make its operation more stable. Please note that the information that was here before the update has been reset.

* Some contents of the update will not be applied unless you sign in to the PlayStation®Network when you play the game.

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bout to start that after this indy 500, do you have a wheel? heard it's a bitch without one, but i'm going to copy my save afterwards and double up on the X1

edit: have to agree that this is probably the hardest challenge in a videogame, i got gold on monza, silver on Nur GP/F track, now trying suzuka, i feel like i have a slight high, my hands are shaking and my arms are sore hahaha

edit: FUCK THIS GAME, 3 tenths of a second off silver on suzuka, literally nailing every turn balls to the wall, my wheel is getting fucking destroyed too, whipping the fuck out of it through that S section

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oh yeah you can bronze them all and get the S. Vettel Redbull X2010, if you get all silvers you get the Redbull X2010 and i believe gold is the Prototype Redbull X2010, the thing is silver is like 4 or 5 seconds under the bronze time, suzuka is absolutely crazy, one little slip up and you're fucked, also there's no shortcutting whatsoever, if you touch any grass/sand with more than two wheels you get DQ'd

edit: also each one is TWO laps, if it was just one it would be so much easier, but you have to push the car to it's limit for two whole laps, nothing more frustrating than fucking up late in the second lap on a perfect run.

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no wheel here... doing the challenge on the DS3 is such bullshit. my best runs so far have been 5 seconds away from bronze times. i've been watching some videos getting golds and i can say that those lap times are next to impossible to get consistently with the range of motion you get from the analog sticks and L2/R2 buttons. gonna spend the whole xmas break trying to get bronze lol

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I regret buying the RUF Yellowbird... It will spin out of every corner unless I'm going sub-20mph. Even with TC set to 1 and brake balance set to F8/R4...

what do you mean even with TC set to 1? try setting TC to 6-8, also skid recovery will help out enormously with that, the higher your TC setting the more it limits power when turning

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people use the aids? on the yellowbird? shame.

X1 is stupid fast. silver on monza, but was slightly off that time with the other two tracks. suzuka is crazy, and i don't think i'll ever gold them. no difference in the X1's past livery, all the same performance.

wrong_move, good luck with the controller dude. i tried it and you just can't get the level of steering, it seems way too slow compared to the wheel. which is weird since every other car in the game suffers from the controller steering to absolute lock way too quickly.

now that we can copy saves, i gave myself a nice FGT, for free. ahhhh.

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how far were you off gold on monza? try setting the ABS to 10, it will allow you to brake extremely late into the first chicane, on the first lap i would brake hard at the 3rd marker on the left, and right after the bridge into the second chicane, that's where you can really gain time because he follows the road not the green rumble area, which you can cut :)

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my braking points seem to match up... and yeah, i was already cutting the chicanes, haha. will have to try bumping ABS up though, thanks.

there's another new batch of Seasonal Events, and i like the trend. make me buy a car, but award me with way more than it costs, and a good chunk of xp? yes please. nascars at the nurb is way more fun than i expected. easy million too.

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wrong_move, good luck with the controller dude. i tried it and you just can't get the level of steering, it seems way too slow compared to the wheel. which is weird since every other car in the game suffers from the controller steering to absolute lock way too quickly.

Yeah that's my biggest gripe with the DS3. I try to approach turns with the same speed/gear I see in videos but I tend to overshoot every single time because of the understeer caused by the responsiveness of the controller. Blergh.

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i beat that first try, just push the car as hard as you can without fucking up, TCS will help, as well as skid recovery, at first i thought it was going to be way too hard but by the middle/end of the first lap you'll pass a quarter or half of the field, then after that it's like one car after another of overtaking, i had them all beat by the middle of the 2nd lap, just stick with it and don't worry about taking turns easy, as long as you don't spin out you should have no problem beating it

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I love my DFGT. Picked it up off craigslist for $70 and it's performed magically. I have a real car with a 6-speed and there's no point in trying to emulate something like that. I'm happier using the sequential shifter after trying the G27.

No matter which wheel you buy, it all comes down to getting used to it. I know that I have to do a couple races to fully transition from normal steering wheel(in my car) to my DFGT. Understanding how the force feedback works is quite a challenge at first as well. You really have to just force the wheel where you want and overcome the force feedback.

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the kart is capable of at least 220mph at ssr7...

with an X1 pushing it.

i'm still playing with my ancient DFPro... anybody with experience with it and the newer wheels wanna fill me in on what i'm missing out on? there's not a lot of ffb, just resistance. the X1 almost always has a see-saw motion on straights too which is annoying. i'm using the wheel more and more and will probably want to make the jump to something new this year. still stick to the controller for rally though; just easier.

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