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FS: Dior Homme Denim Shorts

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Relisting this because the last time I tried to sell them on here, I got distracted exchanging complex haggling jokes back and forth with a buyer and we eventually lost interest in each other as people.

Dior Homme Black Denim Cut-Offs. Selling for $115 AUD + shipping. (Feel free to negoti-hate.)

I picked up these shorts from the men's studio back in 2004 when I was getting some things together to style a shoot. I have worn them once and never again. Why, you ask? The night I wore these, I met a girl, lost my job and had my first car stolen. I am now married to that girl, which is really great and everything, but patently the world goes nuts when these shorts are worn.

Logic dictates that they were designed back under Hedi, but I can't figure out which collection they are from. Deduction leads me to believe that they're either a pair of jeans that someone in the atelier just chopped up or a random sample piece. They're marked size 31, but fit me snug and I'm a 29. Yet another unexplained phenomenon.


(No longer selling on eBay.)

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Somebody pick these up, aiiiiight?


Unif: If these are still avail can I get waist measurement flat across. Length of outside from top of waist to bottom of shorts. Length of inseam.

Thimsterxx: Waist: 40.5 cm. Length of outside: 39.5 cm. Inseam: 16.5

Unif: Ugh, I have the whitest ugliest, hairiest legs. Wanna do $100 USD shipped to Los Angeles?

Thimsterxx: Hey, brother, I have grown very fond of you in the three messages we have exchanged and so I will not mollycoddle your low self-esteem. You have great legs! Fantastic ones! Think tall! $130 USD shipped.

Unif: I'm flattered. You're quite the salesman, let's do $130USD -$10 +$5 -$10. Deal?

Thimsterxx: I'm interested by your use of inverse mathematics, and so your inferred reference to Hankinson's Equation. Have you studied mathematics at a tertiary level? Have you too once attempted to predict the compressive strength of wood? I'll tell you what: it's not every day I meet someone who likes Dior Homme and mathematics! I'll knock it down to $115 USD shipped and just add on my typical surcharge for every word I have communicated in the haggling process ($0.12605042 per word). So $130 USD shipped?

Unif: Haha. I knew you were the guy selling the vintage cameras, my fav post to date. You're quite the linguist my friend. Actually yes, I did study mathmatics under (you might have heard of him) Alberto Einherst AKA Einsteins doppelganger AKA The Wicked Marksman, also formely known as "Julio let the Dogs out" (in some rural parts of South America.) As for wood, no I mostly deal in rope (not Oak). See here:

. As for your surcharge, can we seperate it. I'll pay you $115 via paypal and ship you 300 nickles. Shipping will only cost you $15 via paypal. Deal?

Thimsterxx: Thank you! If only my wife appreciated me as much as you do! Please find enclosed a visual aid which may assist you in negotiating my sentiments on your proposed price.


Unif: I love pie! Thank you for helping me understand your point of view visually. By the way I printed out the chart and for some reason this is what showed. Did you program it that way? Are you a computer programmer? Is this Edsger W. Dijkstra? Either way I scanned it in and would like to redeem it. Let me know how long it's going to take to process.


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