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battle raps saved my life


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i used to be down with grindtime and all the other written battle vids, but for real tho, this stuff is pretty wack. a bunch of dudes writing battle verses about each other (filled to the brim with multiples) and regurgitating them on camera isnt what battle rapping is about.

i honestly feel that i could rip any of those clowns in the last video in a straight up freestyle battle. not that battle verses that fit perfectly into a minute arent entertaining, but lets get real... battling without freestyling is just nonsense.

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A good amount of the top tier dudes are really good at freestyling and will display that when necessary. Dizaster vs NoCanDo was a page or two back and both of those dudes can freestyle incredibly well. Marv/Quest's old 2 v 2 freestyle battles were fucking crazy, but their newest 2 v 2 (written) is better.

This new format is a lot more entertaining than the old freestyle battles Sorry, it's just true. Back the you'd hear like 3-4 good lines per battle and a shit load of filler. Unless of course they were coming with prewritten shit (like everyone did).

Unfortunately, this format means a lot more people are participating since coming with written verses isn't as scary. A lot of these people are terrible. Also, people choke way more since they have no freestyle ability or are too scared to try.

PS. The 'sick multi bro' shit applies just as much to freestyle dudes. I never understood the hate for complex rhyme schemes. If it sucks it's because of the lyrics.

PPS. any dude on the last page minus the Moe Dirdee battle would put a hurting on someone in a freestyle battle. Well, fuck T.Rex though.

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ya man, ive seen a lot of the videos and some of the grindtime dudes are ill freestylers. im a big nocan fan, and the dizaster/thesaurus battle ("fucking camel racings known as public transportation") was super hype.

i guess im just more of a purist when it comes to battling. waiting for those 3-4 good lines even if there is a lot of filler is just more entertaining to me.

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I too get excited whenever I see this thread bumped. However, I've yet to see something actually worthwhile. I mean, those grind time battles aren't really bad or anything, but they should be much better. Come on, these dudes aen't even rapping most of the time, more like reciting their lines. They would be sick if this was them having a casual cypher on the block or at some party, but it's a big time fucking battle with sponsors and whatnot, prep time and shit? Oh, and this prep time? That's some total fucking bullshit. What happened to freestyle? Freestyled rebuttal by MAc? Ok, but in my opinion the whole battle should look like that. Fuck a prewritten rhyme. Over here (in Poland) spitting a prewritten line in a rap battle is considered the pinacle of whackness. Sure, some rappers will use them, but it's considered cheating. "Your shit is prewritten" is actually one of the most frequent disses. And to avoid preparation they get topics which they have to refer to while rapping, only seconds before they start rhyming. ACtually, I think I'm gonna share like two vids with you guys. Surely you won't understand shit, but at least it might get things into perspective a little.

In the first one the pieces of paper held up by the specators have words written on them that the rappers must refer to almost immediately. In the second one they get those little pieces of paper from the host and have to rap about the topic there during the first round (e.g. here the topics are 'teenage pimp' and 'wild west'). The second round is topicless rebuttals in both cases.



Sorry about the long-ass post about shit you likely won't care about, but I just can't help wondering why these American battles aren't much better then they are.

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hahahahaha shots fired.

yeah, as i've said becore the battle scene is about prewritten. and cmon there are 2-3 battles in here with fucking crazy shit in them. the freestyles stopped taking the spotlight around 2009 id say. maybe 2008. anything before that is supposed yo be freestyles, but people still brought punchlines a lot of the time.

Mac and Thesaurus both prepared those verses in one day and they both freestyled in that battle not to mention they both hold titles for freestyle championships (scribblejam, jumpoff).

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Well i don;t see much of a difference between a day's preparation and a month's preparation, for a skilled rapper. I mean, it's mostly just saying that the other one is fat/ugly and doesn't have skills etc. You can think for a year and still it will be the same shit, no? There are of course boundaries in terms of the rhyme's complexity, wordplay and so on, but whatever, They've known each other for years and the battle is topicless, so i don't see what's gonna change if instead of a day's time they'll have a week. A skilled rapper can of course make up various lines as the other one is spitting, or even completely off the top of his head and that's what it should be all about, imo.

Also, why is a freestyle battle called SCRIBBLEjam? (0) I don't get it.

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do any of yall rap? i havent done a ton of battling and shit but ive got a couple battles i get wasted and do pseudo grindtimes with haha. id say most of the dudes in GT are pretty clever but some just suck, and you can tell when some of them get off base cause they cant freestyle. freestylings important still but only on the underground, all the famous dudes think its tight to read off their phones and shit

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