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FS: Momotaro 701 and Sugar Cane Garment Dyed jeans

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Got 2 pairs of jeans for sale, first up is a pair of Momotaro 701. These are very lightly worn, no fading at all except some very, very minimal fading in the crotch area that you should be able to see in the second pic. These were hemmed and tapered by a previous owner, and as you can see in the last pic, the tapering gave the jeans a really beefy selvage line. They have been washed once, so most, if not all, of the shrinkage should be gone. Tagged 36 x 36, here are the actual measurements, BiG style:

Waist: 36"

Front Rise: 10.5"

Back Rise: 15"

Upper Thigh: 12.25"

Knee: 9.25"

Leg Opening: 8"

Inseam: 33"


Next up is a pair of Sugar Cane Garment Dyed jeans. These were completely constructed before being dyed, so their dyeing process is similar to that of an overdye. You can even see the blacked out selvage line on these, like you would on an overdyed jean, in the last pic. These are also very lightly worn, and they actually have no fading at all. Because of the dyeing process, there should be no more shrinkage left in the jeans. More info about these jeans can be found here:


These are tagged 34 x 34, here are the actual measurements (BiG style):

Waist: 33.5"

Front Rise: 11.5"

Back Rise: 14.5"

Upper Thigh: 12"

Knee: 9.25"

Leg Opening: 8.5"

Inseam: 34"


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