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#1 pansy



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Posted 24 February 2005 - 11:13 PM

Going in April -- any restaurants, jazz joints, shopping tips?

What about abseiling from Table Mtn?

Also -- tips on wineries to visit, or how to arrange car & driver hire?
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#2 I J F



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Posted 25 February 2005 - 05:36 AM

Hey well I havent been since 2001. So I probably couldnt give you a precise update on specific location although I could update you on main sites.

In terms of beaches ets, you definately want to go to Clifton Beach which is basically just past Seapoint. Clifton the water aint too warm however the women there are a sight on their own. You want to be very careful using transportation throughout Cape Town as when you leave the airport you will see the Cape Flats which is one of the biggest ghettos although I find the people are truly overly friendly.

Camps Bay will be your greatest spot for eating seafood, and general meals, it wont be too cheap however definately worth the money.

The Waterfront in Greenpoint is a nice tourist spot as their is always something going on, and generally you can find some nice African art etcc over there.

Hotels.... You can check out the Peninsula as well as the President which is across the road, and then as you head up main street there are a few more. Dockside was one of the better clubs when I was there although, there is apparanteley a club there now which can blow any club internationally out the water, would be interesting to check it out.

Then you want to go to Roben Islane where, Nelson MADIBA Mandela spent 23 years of his life and full tours are offered to venture into his cell.

Lastly there is a shark tour offered which allows you to venture off into the oceans while being in a cage below, and get to see the World deadliest nation for shark attacks up close and personal.

I have soo much more info, it will come back to me, just writing this makes me wonder why I left the place.
M. U. F. C.
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#3 fuzzyduk



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Posted 25 February 2005 - 06:58 AM

Take a trip to http://www.tourismcapetown.co.za - that's the most up-to-date and factually correct place for info on Cape Town. There's plenty of adventure sports to do here, and you're gonna have a blast!

April's also when the Global Crossing yacht race has its stopover in Cape Town, amongst other really cool events; check out the events calendar off one of the links.

Clubs: Dockside....yuk. Hot clubs are now are Opium, Hemisphere. Lower Green Point, Upper Long Streer, and Kloof Street are areas to check out.

Best Sushi: Wakami, in Moulle Point (near the Waterfront).
Sharks: "World deadliest nation for shark attacks up close and personal"
- er no. Florida is. 322 vs South Africa 68.

Send me an email when in town and I can give you more info. [capetown AT sugarloaf .co .za]
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