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2 for 1 Pics


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Okay... time for something a bit more meaningful and serious

More like 29 for 1... But one of the most iconic pictures in my field of study

I dont have a lot of rep-power but will definately rep anybody who can name 2 or more people from this photo!


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everyone knows einstein and i've seen this picture a couple of times before

middle row on the far right, Niels Bohr

name of the dude in the front row 2nd from left is on the tip of my tongue -.- Edit: Planck of course

the woman of course is Marie Curie

that's about it from the top of my head - cue Baeyer Drewson to name the rest :P or take the time to find the picture with tags somewhere on the intertubes

edit: yeah i just that myself, well they're all basically physicists so forgive me for not knowing the more prominent ones like Heisenberg, Pauli, Compton, de Broglie, Born, Lorentz and Schrödinger all of whom i've already 'used' - all of whom i hate :-P mathematics ain't no fun ;)

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