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Dimethyl fumarate - Just disapointing


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So, in the train on my way to uni today is stumbled upon an article in one of the free newspapers. About jeans.

Actually it turned out to be about a swedish look on the Dimethyl fumarate content in some jeans.

Here's wiki on the damn stuff: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dimethyl_fumarate

This stuff is basicly used to keep fungi away from textiles. Oh, and treat psoriasis. I don't really understand that, but whatever.

The shit is also allergenic. Very.

As in: "sit on this sofa and if you are lucky you'll never be said to have pale legs ever again".

The EU now has rules and regulations about the maximum content and shenmeshenmeshenme.

The stinking can of shit here is that they found a concentration that was 5 times the allowed maximum in a pair of Nudie jeans. Actually not "a". Every single model with the name Average Joe Clean Blue.

Yep. Nudies now come with the potential of a crotch blowout AND a rashy dick.

Other brands that exceeded the legal maximum was Lee and wrangler.

I mean wtf?!

I would have figured that the poisonous stuff would be in fancy brands with fancy fades and fancy rhinestones?

Not fucking Lee and fucking Wrangler!

Comment or not. Just a heads up.

Oh and here's teh article on the public danish television channels webpage (and yes, it is in danish):


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very intersting to know. pity i cant rep you here !!!!. i wonder how much are in the repro jeans , doe sit depend on the origin og the cotton ?

specially intersting cause since 2009 the import of products containing dimethy fumarat is forbidden in the EU.


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well after reading the wiki article, all you have to do is wash your jawnz once to get rid of the dimethyl fumarate as it is easily soluble in water.

a hot soak with some agitation should suffice

Wash your jeans? Don't say that too loud around here.

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