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My first time getting a speeding ticket....my experiance


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im going to court in 2 hours to contest a speeding ticket I got like 8 months ago. I think the cop was bullshitting me and pulling me over just because I was black in a bimmer so I think i might have a good shot seeing as he didnt actually show me how fast I was going on his radar he just came out with the halfassed speed he "visually estimated" me going

wish me luck sufu

that is in fact bullshit and should not stand up in court

if you decide it's worth it, a good lawyer can disappear that 4 u

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My first speeding ticket was going 30mph. on a scooter. in an empty parking lot. Campus security is odd...

The judge was all -____________________________-

I've been let off a couple times because of the car I was driving. I drove a 93 miata which was all sorts of fucked up on the exterior but had a monster engine... hit 120mph before backing down to 95mph when CHP pulled me over. He didn't think I could have done 120mph in a miata so he wrote me up for 81mph... He wanted to check if my engine had been tampered with or if I had any illegal parts.

That week, I got three tickets... Stupid miata was bad luck. Ever since selling it, I've been fine since.

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So i rolled into court almost late.

once I got there I saw that my bike cop was actually there, with my luck I expected him to be.. but I was still hoping he'd just say fuck it.

Turns out he was there for like 5 different cases all of which ranging over the past year (my original ticket was issued in october.)

du asks to speak to me, im like alright. tells me that he got me with a "laser device" set up by a city engineer. Shows me my speed when I passed it which was climbing on 50 or so even though thats the normal speed of the flow of traffic in LA.

So he basically got me. Decided to work a deal.. plea guilty/no contest get traffic school and no extra fines for wasting the courts time.

Whatever, fuck it, no points on my Ls, no higher insurance rate. I think I made out ok.

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last month i got two tickets going at least 30 over in a two week span. both times i was driving home from my girlfriends house in the next city and i used a different way each time. it was weird because the first ticket the cop asked if i had ever recieved a ticket and i said no, so he reduced it to no points and a $50 ticket. the second time the cop was super cool and reduced it to $50 anyway because he had kids and would apparently kill them if they had gotten the ticket i deserved. i just got some good ass luck i guess.

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Rosie Perez' titties FTL. Y'all like pepperoni?

Is that Jean-Claude in the Audi?

Looks like De Niro in Ronin rollin in an A8.

anyway, dum...like someone else said, get something like a continuance for dismissal or deferral or driving school or whatever they have in your state - it's not the ticket that will kill you, it's the hiked ins. rates over the long haul.

Here in MN, it's called a continuance for dismissal. You pay the ticket, but it doesn't go on your record. If after a year, you don't get another like citation, it falls off your record.

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I call bullshit.

I got this ticket 10 years ago and Texas used to be much more lenient in regards to defensive driving. I think now you can only take it if your ticket is for <25 over. I've always heard that they're obligated to arrest you if you double the speed limit and he wrote the ticket for 100 so he wouldn't have to.

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never got a ticket but i was going 80 in a 65 ? construction zone...and i know its bad, but had like 2 kids in trunk. 4 chicks in the middle area, 1 kid under his sisters long ass legs, 1 baby behind her mom and i got stopped.

he asked me if i knew i was speeding, i giggled (i laugh when im nervous) and said yes, he took info and such and just told me to slow down.

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If you skip buying a few jawns and invest in a good radar detector (if they're legal in your state), you'll be saving money in the long run rather than speeding tickets.

Before I got mine, I got pulled over once. 59 in a 35. $80 fine because the cop was cool (beach cop) and reduced it to 9 over.

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I never got a ticket, but did get QUITE a few warnings.

Once a friend and i in college had just gone to town to get weed... We were on our way back to campus to chill, and we see a speed trap cop...

my friend totally grills him down, eye to eye, turning his head backwards to keep looking, fucking jerk. BOOM, sirens and lights, pulled over for nothing... he asks me some questions, sees im not drunk, we dont smell like weed, its all going good, i feel good, UNTIL i look over at my pal and see him trying to play it "cool", how cool? He picked up this star wars B wing fighter i had on my dash board (pre-prequel concept) and was playing with it, making noises and the whole 9. I thought we were done for.

No ticket, but def some odd looks, thank god we were in VT.

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