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Rigid Skinners

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I know there aren't too many Skinner fans around here, but I'm hoping someone might have some info on these...

Does anyone own a pair of these?

My dilemna is that I am 32 waist but size up to a 34x30 in Skinners for a more comftorable fit. I recently purchased a pair of Rigids in a 34 x 30, with the hopes that they would be larger and shrink down to the size listed. This was not the case. Around the thigh, knee and ankle area they were identical to my other pairs but the waist measured 32 x 30 and they had a lower rise. I wore them around the house for an hour, to see if they would stretch, but they only streched about half an inch in the waist/hip area.

I'm tempted to continue wearing them but I don't want to wear them so much that I render them unreturnable...

Anyone have any idea as to how much more stretching, if any, can I expect?? Also, how much shrinkage should I expect after the first wash? Is it safe to apply the endless amount of knowledge there is about other rigid jeans to these, and if so which would be a good comparison?? Should I just size up to a 36 x 32??

The closest experience I have to rigids are a one-wash sanforized, so I'm really hoping someone may have a had a similar experience in the past and might be able to provide some guidance.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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You wear a size 32 and these measure 32? Sounds like a good fit to me.

If you can get the skinners buttoned up, keep them. The waistband will stretch out to a comfortable fit.

And as a rule, 36 pants are for fat people. The whole point of the skinner jean is the slim cut -- that's lost when you get into extra large sizes.

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