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What are you paying for gas today? Sad Edition!


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people are still buying cars?

GM stock hit 4 bucks a share this morning...

ah the end is near

buyers market

and even if petrol hits 2, 3 dollars a liter, it's not really a huge deal

I use approximately 1 tank per week (60L), and premium fuel is about $1.12/L right now.

03 prices.......................-> $2277 / annum

current prices...............-> $3494

$2/L...............................-> $6240 (2012 prediction)

$3/L...............................-> $9360

an increase of $1200 over 5 years is nothing to cry about. and 2012 is still 4 years away, yet people are talking as if an increase of $2747 will put them on the street. get the fuck outta here. hell, if you drive a 4 cylinder, these numbers don't even apply to you. paying more is never better, but come on, it's all you hear about these days.

moreover, people could reduce their fuel expenditures by a substantial amount if they wanted to. right now, I'm getting ~11L/100km. I could bring that number down to 8 without getting into any hypermiling bullshit. (most of my driving is highway)

on highways, I drive minimum 120km/h, maximum 160km/h. setting the cruise control to 110 would bring my highway L/100km down significantly. changing my habit of taking off from a stop too quick would bring my city rates down too.

with my current 11L/100km, I'm getting about 545km per tank. changing my driving habits to yield 8L/100km would provide 750km per tank, and an annual expenditure of $2236 (savings of ~$1300).

I could save even more money by switching to 89aki rated fuel instead of 91 if I didn't mind the reduced power and engine vibrations.

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