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Fit Battle: Volume 1 - junglejane VS thedaniway


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not mad. just playing back.

I have nothing but negative thoughts for a girl who posts her semi-nude bottom half so "the classy boys of superfuture could get a glimpse of upper thigh" after having posted a booty shot. what will you do when the boys of superfuture create a "I haven't seen a uterus yet" thread?

you could've at least worn some yohji lingerie in your pics to make them relevant to this whole forum.

elitist. haha. i think you can handle a clothed bottom.


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that whole shit just really showed how much "bitchassness" is rampant on sufu...

i'm sorry, but it's cool when dudes(established or not) are half naked and ya'll are making little jokes and shits all sweet, but when a chick who is confident(or crazy) enough to be postin her body(ashy knees), guys turn into little bitches? the dudes tryin to be superheros up on the frontline "oh we have classy girls on sufu" are the funniest...i bet yall PMed junglejane and timber like "YOU GUYS DRESS WELL AND DONT SLUT IT UP OMG".


yo jeff can i get some nudes?

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I just oppose the way niggas will go buck every time a girl flash some flesh, I ain't need that shit in superfuture, it's not what I come here for.

Men is pussies for that pussy. That's all it is.

I certainly didn't take it well and have been somewhat overbearing with my disapprovals (drunkposts lolz) but I still maintain that her behavior and the reaction to it furthur cheapens a community that is already in constant danger of falling to the level of its weakest elements.

That's why I voted JJ.

Also, girls that rock Balenciaga got class for days.

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You can pretend that the more tasteless aspect of sufu is in danger of tainting the whole, but then you would have to say that sufu was tastefull to start with. I don't think that we can...

If you want to be an e-slut, be my guest. I love to gawk at slutty girls. Just keep it in the trashcan, slut.

And I mean that in the best way. Slut.

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I dont know why everyone is being so mean to this girl, afterall she did show us her belly button.

Whens the last time JJ showed her belly button?

I fucking dig chicks that post pictures of themselves liftin their dress up on the internet

but next time, i would like to see a muff shot.

(daniway next time your in the midwest, holla atcha boy and you can see my belly button)

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I dont know why everyone is being so mean to this girl, afterall she only showed us her belly button.

i don't think the picture itself is a big deal.. we've all taken some sort of fleshy pic at one point or another, whether as a joke between friends or for a gf/bf or just cos we were young and dumb..

the fact that the 'upper thigh' comment which really wasn't even that bad caused her to lift up her skirt.. insecurity and/or need of validation.

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The dani photo wasnt even that amazing...

Zehero did it... no one cared...

Beetle has posted wet tshirt pics

There has been female underwear pics before...

Lyingonyourdriveway posted naked pics... people laughed

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