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Coin/Watch Pocket


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zippo. a knockoff zippo at that, unless sailor jerry is a respectable lighter brand. it's held up for over a year whereas every other fake zippo i've had has locked up and died the same day. haven't even needed to replace the flint yet. wow. that's a whole lot of text about a lighter. it's a limited edition and it was made in china. it takes butane lighter fluid. i'm gonna spark this blunt. if anyone would like to join in feel free to send me a PM.

hmmm are you not supposed to put butane lighter fluid in certain zippos?

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It's freaky cause my pills are always blueish depending on how long they were in there for...

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a zippo slim, and on occasion, my favorite smokeable contraband(sweet,sweet mary). it ripped on the side, so i flipped the denim where they doubled it over to the outside, and sewed it back, thereby increasing the volume. its becoming quite beat.

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just got a new pair couple days ago and the watch pocket is too small for my phone so i gotta get used to putting it in my regular pocket. so now i have no use for my watch pocket.

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