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THE Herpes Thread: Challenges, Appreciation, Ridicule, Praise


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*this thread inspired by jane

after looking through my camera, and witnessing the growth in the growth of herpes here on superfuture, i found no other choice than to bring out an oldie from the summer, as well as give live to the first and only thread on sufu dedicated entirely to herpes of all sorts (but namely, herpes)


-the düm

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it's way acceptable to share stories about those who have given you herpes too, eventually we should make a family tree to determine how herpes has spread through sufu and identify the orginal perpetrators

thank you disillusioned for being the heroine of this thread

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Actually, jane has been attending to her herpes riddled exchange student, Adolf.

Adolf was stricken with the horrible disease when he engaged in sex with an Eastern Block hooker. It was his first sexual experience and he was forced into it by his industrial worker father who said, "You get laid with comrade, or you get prostee-toot." Unfortunately, Adolf had no charm or wit and could not seem to wrangle a comrade and had to settle for a prostitute. Unfortunately, he went to the Eastern Block and contracted herpes.



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