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ask julzkind arab stuff



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How do I tell the difference between a Mexican and an Arab? Are there any differences?

Not really. Julzkind will get angry if you call her a chola, but she's going to an ugly ass latino rapper's show tonight to scream with all the chicas...

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conan. - yes.

geekbonchic - with the fury of a thousand goats.

domdomdomdom - yes.

landho - its in the eyes.

totally epic - its the food.

GiZMO - i'm confused.

artificialsky - englandmj7 answered perfectly.

sidneylo - most likely.

skiniks - if they did i would fly into a whole new world with aladdin.

khiophan92 - i've never been to india, so i'm not sure.

halifamous - not sure. i take the bus/subway when i am in ny.

yannickl - they can be attractive, but i don't like them. and ugh, yes.

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julzkind: Do you think people would see Iran as more friendly if they were still called Persia?

i gave you the wrong link before. i am sorry. here:


go to about 1:49, but the whole thing is really funny.

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dear arab female sufu member,

i have a chicano studies class full of mexican and armenian girls. i can handle the mexican girls, my question is: since i have dealt with persian girls before and taking into account the proximity of iran and armenia, what r differences i should be aware of between arme girls and persian girls? do they sex different? r arme girls easier to make hot?

If i decide to sex one: how hard should i go? do arabs go hard during sex? never have I sexed an arab girl so i dunno what the standard is.

eagerly awaiting your reply,


ps. im black, does that complicate? make easier? thx in advance

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