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hi guys in need of some advice..

what happens if the seller from japan (in this case yahoo) disappears and does not ship out the item? it has been 2 weeks, and i know this is not SSJ's fault at all, but just wondering what usually happens? anything i can do other than keep waiting?

Dont worry firstly about your money as always you will be refuneded if there is a very bad problem with seller just sometimes there can be a delay with seller.

If you can email directly to [email protected] we can check again for you in additionally

Thank you!

Hi, I need some follow up on my order. I emailed you guys about this on the 29th (last week) but did not get a reply yet.

I ordered 2 pairs of shoes from yahoo japan and made payment on the 22nd August. I have already received one of them but the other one is still missing.

This is not my first time using SSJ service and always have had great experiences. However, it has already been 1.5 months so should I get a refund?

My email is [email protected]

Thanks very much guys

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