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Instead of creating a whole new thread why dont you bump the superliving thread in superculture

also that furniture looks like like shit


Id definitely eat at that table in those chairs.


edit: at that house.

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That house seems a bit too eclectic for my tastes but to each his own i suppose.


Mostly i just don't like the design of the chair on its own.  Seems really 60s (70s? can't get my time periods straight) retrofuture (in a bad way), would've been a lot better without the circles running up the back imo.  Chair's already committed to an angular style then the circles sort of throw the whole thing off balance.


But then again I like simplicity in individual pieces of furniture while you may be attracted to decadence so it comes down to a matter of tastes once again 

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I have lately added to my collection of danish modern:

Moller chairs these are beautiful and unique. I like Herman Miller I have a few and have sold a few now and again. Easy to find if you are willing to look and wait. 

Prouve chair (this is a holy grail item) I will someday I also want a desk

I am surprised you guys are not into military/campaign furniture

http://www.stephenkenn.com (this guys seems kinda interesting) right up your guys alley


I like and would want a Laurel Lamp

Mushroom or marble base. I collect lamps as well. Lucite anything is pretty much going to look good. The same is true with brass.


Some places to pick up furniture:

1 dibs 







Romantic Irish Homes ( I really like this book it is great)

axel vervoordt (any book by him is great!) A Master of interiors.



Dimore studio (these guys are talented beyond anyone working right now. truly amazing interiors)



for paint I recommend Farrow and Ball

you don't need a lot make sure what you got is good

And empty room can be great! But hard to live in.... 



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Anyone here try their hand at making wood furniture? I need some tips/ideas.


About a month ago my grandma's old barn was determined to be unsafe and needed to be demolished.  Instead of just taking a wrecking ball to it, they decided they would dismantle it and reuse the huge, 19th-century wooden beams and planks for use in other architectural projects.  So last week my dad and I went to the barn to tear out about 20 large panels (ranging from 1' - 3' width, 6' - 10' length and about 2" thick) of curly maple, an apparently expensive kind of wood that my naive grandfather had build horse stables out of when he was a teenager.  So now we have all this old wood that my dad wants to turn into furniture for the family.  


Does anyone know of any good websites/resources for learning how to craft wooden furniture?  Tips or advice?


curly-maple.jpg^ grabbed from google img, about what the grain looked like after sanding


Edit: one of the haylofts.  The ceiling beams in the basement were 2x the diameter of these ones 


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