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favorite line from a rap song?


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probably my favorite among my favorites

why you wanna end your little life like this?

'cause now you bump heads with kids that's lifeless

fuck, just conjures up a strong image in my head

yup, that's what makes that album so good to me, all of the lyrics have such strong imagery; it's almost like a movie on wax.

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Guest Phrost

lil wayne

dedication 2 - georgia...bush

lil wayne dot com bitch log in

keep a pillow under your knees and keep your jaws in

zim zimma got ten ki's in the beamer

got a white girl driving couldn't do it much cleaner

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Guest Phrost

lil wayne

dedication 2 - gettin some head


Ridin with a bitch I call hot mouth shelly

She poppin exstacys and get that cotton mouth heavy

I give'r a bottle water bitch break out sweatin

then she get straight to the head like a fucking excedrin

I'm a fly ass nigga take a look at me bitch

Now hoe go and tell the cops i got a crook in my dick

Straight gut a bitch open like a hook in a fish

I got a lady from paris who french kiss my shit

yea why you think I gotta tint my whips

cause I be gettin some head, right in my shit

You say you love that woman, but that been my bitch

and if you kiss that woman, then you suck my dick

I gotta sit i'm the president I run thangs

Now all these hoes tryin to save a niggas cum stains

I have homie at home like where she at?

She with me in my bad ass ride

Givin me a blowjob like a nine to five

She say she eat her vegetables so she stay alive

So she slob on my nob, like corn on the cob

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Same beat, same lyrics, same parts

But add a "fuck jay-z" right before the song starts

Right now you thinkin', hold up

Did he just dis jay?

Nope, he's one of my favorite artists to this day

The point I'm makin' is after that they'll play it

You probably threw this song on just to hear me say it

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Guest theazn48

not a song but from one of jins freestyles:

"ask your girl. i was doing something in her house. matter fact she had my eggroll and my dumplings in her mouth"

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Biggie smalls is the wickedest

niggas say I'm pussy I dare you to stick ya dick in this

If I was pussy I'd be filled with syphilis herpes gonorrhea clamidia

gettin rid of ya

Got it locked like the penitentiary

niggas mention me for mc execution

who ya choosin

the wack mc? or the black fat mc?

Jack Dempsey would start shakin

all it's takin

is some marijuana and I'm makin

mcs break-fast like flap jacks and bacon

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