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spring/summer marc jacobs vans slip-ons

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Typical Vans’ Slip-ons right? Wrong. Here are some new seasonal models off the Marc Jacobs for Vans tag-team. Just in time for Summer, MJ drops three clean canvas joints that will have you bedding fashionista chicks easily. No snobbish seersucker needed, sag your jeans, point out the the Jacobs tab and let everyone know you’re down with the high-fashion steez.

$80, vault.vans.com.

As seen in Complex’s April/May Issue.

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here are more slip-ons from the line

Marc Jacobs is the man about town when it comes to the shoe game and it's always welcome when he lends a fashionista eye to the Vans family. Previous collabs have involved a variety of Vans models, this season it's all slip-ons.

Be sure to check out our feature on the History of Vans - www.sneakerfreaker.com/feature/history-of-vans/










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Guest jmatsu
I bet Marc Jacobs the man himself has nothing to do with these Vans

this is a good point.

seriously, besides the fact that marc jacobs lends his name to these (which i could care less about), i really don't see what the fuss is about.

if these were inline no one would give two shits about them. the wingtip and oldschool type-ala tuxedo t-shirt (slipons) concept has been done countless times in the past.

purchasing these is truly the act of a consumer who just wants to own a cheap mj piece or highly marketed double name sneaker.

from a strict fashionwhore/hypebeast perspective, these ain't shit. the first releases of this collaboration might have got you some street cred/whatever, but these aren't even limited. aesthetically, these are tired and they lack the connotations of cool.

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