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FS: 8-9oz handmade belt


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This belt is made with 8-9 oz. vegetable tanned leather. This belt is thicker than regular belt you find out there. I have a redmoon wallet and i will say this is pretty much the same kind of leather redmoon use. You can suntan them and they will age beautifully. Other sizes and color available upon request. PM me if interested, thanks

Width available: ( 1 1/2")

Size: 30 to 40

Price: $40 shipped within continental U.S.

$48 to most other country

Payment: Paypal only


The first picture is after suntanned, the reason to post two pictures because the bottom picture show the comparison of the color before tanned and after tanned. Which the after tanned process you have to do it yourself and just put it under the sun and suntan it for few days and you will get the richer color like the top picture or other desire color you want and this is the whole point of getting an untanned belt or a redmoon wallet and watch them age overtime. The color of the belt that you will receive will be similar to the second picture bottom belt. Sorry about the confusing

Thank you very much




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