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waywt? saved my life

sycamore no more

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Sawyer, I need something to read that'll stimulate my mind. Like a short story. Like a blowjob. I'm writing an ethnographic paper. I'm frozen. Help.

stimu lated by ur desire to be stimulat!


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sherman alexie > "jesus christ's half brother is alive and well on the spokane reservation" and other stuff from tonto/lone ranger fist fight

my man alexie is on that half breed urban indian tip though, his stories are cool but there's too much contradiction/paradox for me sometimes (ala haggis' crash)

ray a young bear is real talk tho > "black eagle child: facepaint narratives"... it's a book, but it's mainly made up of little anecdotes about growing up on the meskwaki rez

some really inspired passages when dude remembers chewing on the star medicine as a kid

i heard him speak on the exiles on NPR, good stuff. (and good movie)

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