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waywt? saved my life

sycamore no more

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oh shit, id be jealous though

id hang out with julian. and bouwnt

and julz you too my beautiful desert rose ^^

:D :D :D would absolutely love to! would make some dolmades for you!

Hey hands off julz.


julz u r my sand cherry blossom

ooh, i like cherry blossom. good touch.

julz you are my fantasy border crossing, wall-jumping, paper faking, insurgent sweetheart

<3 u boo

on some west bank story tip!! next time im in NY we make sufu peace accords!! <3

see monitoff and jeep, ive got no problems with that. its only them who are possessive. i want me darling to be loved. no jealousy. she knows what to do!


oh my...

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Nice TZ. That shirt isn't Supreme is it?

with tz, its either supreme or visvim

and i'm pretty sure that's a supreme shirt

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