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Stationery: pens, pencils, notebooks,etc.


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It's alright, the body scratches really easily so the markers used on the scales get worn off. Writing with it is decent but unremarkable, the stylus works but has this weird 'balloon' feeling to it (it's hollow presumably for clearance for the driver bit underneath it or for the ballpoint tip when the cap is posted on the front end). I did a review with more photos of it here: http://everyday-carry.com/post/88387387300/monteverde-onetouch-toolpen-review

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well when a paper rep came to talk to us she said hold the paper up to the light, if it has a mashed up look it's a poor paper it it looks more tightly knit (kind of hard to explain) it's a better quality. As a designer, I know about paper thickness coated/uncoated, etc. but as far as determining if this sheet is better than this one I don't know much about. I just follow the light rule haha

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that's good advice. paper is structurally similar to fabric, particularly felt, and good paper is made out of longer, softer/fluffier fibers, as is good fabric. when you're looking through the paper, the difference between the "mash" and the longer fibers you're trying to describe is exactly this, plush the mash look means you have inconsistent thickness. i never thought to look at it through light though, i just touch it and look closely at the surface.


if you have any tissue paper around, it's similar enough to fabric that you can drape toiles with it; it has a similar grain and crossgrain and even responds pretty accurately if you drape on the bias.

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took a year and a half but my lava fountain pen was finally fixed!


shout out to ron and robyn at mainstreet pens they did a terrific job tracking down repair parts as well as the fix job itself.  anyone who needs a repait job should definitely hit them up


my lavas are finally reunite and i didnt even have to sacrifice my esprit for parts!



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If someone´s looking for a good pen to sketch (and write) with:




A friend of mine used to be an intern at an architectural office and she´d always steal these and give some to me.

Unfortunately, I can only get them through Amazon, but I happily break my boycott for them.

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i still think gel based inks are garbage for the most part, but i gave them another chance recently.  bought a couple of the pilot hi tec-c at 0.5 and 0.3.  the 0.3 is maybe perfect width, but they skip a lot and i dont always write with my paper down so thats a problem.  


but after that i purchased a pentel slicci 0.25mm in black, and it is the best gel pen ive ever used.  hasnt skipped on me but once (so far), and is pretty black, writes a nice clear line. i use it to write chinese/japanese characters a lot too and it keeps my otherwise bad handwriting pretty readable. definitely recommend. got it for like $3 at an art supply shop, but its available online as well obv


only flaw with the slicci other than my mistrust of gel inks is that the barrel is really slender, so if you have big hands it might be uncomfortable/you might want to buy a rubber grip, but i dont so idrk. i havent tried the other colors either(it comes in a ton) so i cant vouch for them. 

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