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Christophe Lemaire spring/summer 2014


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At some point, you have to leave the gym shoes at the gym. He isn't some american and/or sportswear designer.

Nice colours and cuts for this collection. The pairing of wide shoulders blazers with cropped (or rolled up) and tapered trousers (and slip ons) irks me (the cut isn't my thing but the whole styling doesn't make it better), although I'm really into his minimal shoe (that I missed last time).

The cargo jacket (look 6) is my favourite piece from this collection. Really into the suits of looks 12 and 14.. Boxy top (look 20) is a good thing to include, since it's a good alternative to the jersey t-shirt.

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Yeah I understand. The top part of the silhouette is heavy/wide with thin/small footwear and, like you, I prefer the opposite (or just chunkier dress shoes in general).

Even the trainers seem unbalanced to me. They remind me of boxing shoes. The soles on footwear should complement the upper and create a balance with it, IMO.


edit: once again, the japanese way of pair voluminous trousers with small shoes is a whole different thing and I quite like it.

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I really enjoyed the footwear in the collection and as wild bill said I really like the Japanese way of pairing large trousers with small shoes, but I am biased on the fact that I've always had a thing for slimmer shoes and really love brands like Marsell who make these.


All in all, good collection, love the long shirt in look 15 (I think)

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lemaire is so consistent (and thats good). the slimness of the shoes only work well with the looks where the pants fall cropped, e.g look 2, which is perfect. some of lemaire's cuts always remind me of yohji but in a tone that's lighter and certainly more straightforward in terms of embellishments.

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