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Supreme 2011 F/W

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Guest roastedchickenwing
restock? they're getting new stuff right?

i think all headwear will be dropped saturday, don't quote me on that but i am almost positive. When i say restock, i meant all the items that were recently released back on shelves?

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oh dude its the best


Not so many people rock Supreme in Demark, Because they can't get their hands on it, but now with an European shop, it will be more accessible.


That's bull bro. Wether or not it's hard or easy to get hold of if you REALLY want it you can get it no matter what. You will just see the heads rocking it that have been already. It's not like every fucker is gonna be wearing it. 99.9% of Joe public have NO IDEA what Supreme is. Dont sweat it. Just buy your garms and move on. It's only clothes man.

euros talking hard is so jokes. buy your garms

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wat up alex

some bro at (that other forum) posted a screencap of an email saying that theyre dropping "certain items" + "entire headwear collection" on saturday


looks shopped tho

i can tell from some of the pixels and from seeing quite a few shops in my time

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