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bored w/ internet


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Guest nowbaking
I once did that a few times, then I started to not like the internet as much as I used to.

shittiest. feeling. ever.

internet has always been there for meh.

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bored with the internet means you're doing something wrong. seriously, there is so much content on the web, it's fucking mind boggling. 17% of the world's population connected to each other, daaamn.

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Option 1: Search for more porn? If you've exhausted all the porn on the internet you've probably broken your dick.

Option 2: Find summer girlfriend. Do dumb stuff to piss off girlfriend. Create unnecessary drama. Drama will distract you from boring internets. At the end of the drama, post original content in superconfessional.

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If you're like me, you only get 3 - 4 months of summer, so I make sure to use it to its full potential....patio chilling / bbqs / random outings / etc

the internet is only good to kill time when at the office

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