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Super Trashed in Paris


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I wanna go to paris, but I wanna go and have it be kindof a ridiculous party. I kinda wanna organize a supertrash week-of-chaos in the city of lights. basically rent a huge cheap apartment for a week and populate it with like minded individuals who want to experience all the drunk sightseeing that paris has to offer. Possibles:








http://www.parisattitude.com/apartment.asp?numProduit=1058(oh my christ this one has a sauna)


(oh my christ this one has an orgy bed)


Depending on interest and what size apartments are available we may end up splitting this up, or doing some kind raffle or something. trash posters preferred

official interest check in partying with strangers in paris for a week in 2012.

Interested parties thus far:

1.) clopek

2.) freecat

3.) redx

4.) desi

5.) samsikle.

6.) shufon

7.) okayokay

8.) Magnetic

9.) akuma no uta

10.) neptunecitylocal (maybe means yes)?

11.) tarotron?

12.) crissywwwwwwwwwwwww

13.) bona drag

14.) dum?

15.) jj

16.) dj_flame

17.) i wear shoess

18.) funkdoobi

19.) exteeng

This is really ambitious and who knows if It will come to fruition but ultimately I'd be looking at the mid-May, 2012 for this to go down - just in time for the end of the world.

I'm starting to think of the logistics of doing this an paying for it. Likely I would be opening up a new paypal and bank account exclusively for the purposes of this venture. Payment for the apartment would go through me to whomever we rent the apartment from, and I would purchase 8 (or 6 or 12 or whatever) Traveller's cheques to be held by the landlord as a damage depost. After we vacate we can all simply take our travellers cheque and cash it and we don't have to worry about each individual bringing a wad of cash there or back. Obviously everyone is responsible for their own travel arrangements. Payment would be up front, and if any individuals travel arrangements fell through at last minute hopefully we'd be able to absorb that person's share among the rest of the group, or get another individual to buy that person out.

I'm open to any and all input.

(I think enough people on here know my name and address that the safety of your funds wouldn't be a concern at this point, and those who send me money will have a paper trail and all of my details forwarded to them prior to.)

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it's in a while but i need to be there. concerning the apartment, it's not really the best district to have fun and we'd be better off getting a place that you can trash and clean easily, no expensive decoration and stuff and at least slightly cheaper looking (you can't really get more ballin than that anyway).

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yeah, it was just the first one up that slept more than 8

ideally i'll find somewhere in le marais so we can just roll down the steps to shops and drinking

(though last time I stayed in montremarte and it was a fuckin' sweet neighbourhood)

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^ 7777 posts !!!

well we laid the base of the idea, when the deadline for plane ticket and all approaches we'll check back again for interest and see who's still in.

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Yeah, this would start being a real life correspondence once it came to putting deposits on an apartment. would be a big leap of faith on behalf of those who don't know me to hold a few hundred of their dollars in trust to pay for a hotel.

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Put me down as a maybe as well :\ I'll be in school or taking exams or graduating around that time. If we did it right after I graduate that'd be sick.

edit: err here's my schedule, just checked the website: done with classes 4/30, exams 5/4-5/11, graduate on 5/16

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