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Visvim F/W 11.12


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  • 2 weeks later...

maybe this is old news.....

Our F/W 11-12 launch is scheduled on the first weekend of August. It

is very a unique and deep collection, so please wait and look forward

to it.

Well, we actually make US12, it is just not for all the styles (For

example, we made some Patrician WT-Folk in US12). It totally depends

on the amount of the materials we have ready for the product.

But to be honest with you, since we make products based on the orders

we call from the dealers, US12 is very unlikely and few compared to

other sizes like US9 and stuff.

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you can't stop the internetz!!

(btw - if anyone's looking for a FW06 bickle from Dissertation on Animal Mechanics / Design of Product Versus Nature of Performance - collection / also added some ISDTs and Logan Mids... check my sig!)

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  • 1 month later...

we where looking at the last lhamo's that came out when we were talking and he said the new ones were going to be a bit more than them and they were 47,880yen

i guess we will find out soon anyway, season launches on the 6th :)

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I feel like this collection is very Japanese. More so than previous collections. That being said, the colorways are fantastic, and there are a lot of desired items for me. All the variations of the albacore shirt are amazing, the down coats are beautiful, the sheathing jacket will require a sold kidney, but will probably be the softest most amazing thing ever, quite a bit of footwear is nice.

Overall I think it's just different enough to be original, but totally in line with previous seasons. The s/s of this year and f/w will blend together quite a bit better than last years seasons.

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