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Tsunami and Earthquake in Japan


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Twitter is just as bad. At least the twitter staff took it off of the trending list.

People need to fucking grow up.

Exactly! There estimating the death toll at 1,000. These idiots are complaining about Pearl Harbor, as if the U.S. didn't retaliate 100X worse. Makes me sick

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Putting Things In Perspective of the Day: NOAA has released this image showing maximum computed tsunami amplitude (in cm) “during 24 hours of wave propagation.”

The data was calculated using the MOST (Method of Splitting Tsunami)forecast model. According to NOAA, “this method takes into account three processes of tsunami evolution: earthquake, transoceanic propagation, and inundation.”

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Myself and a number of fellow students at the University of Alberta (in Edmonton, Canada) have spent the last week filming people expressing their support for Japan. I'd like to post the video here.

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