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Visvim FW11


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me thinks not mrip...

Turning up in not any ol' matching flanny's, but the ones that sat on the shelves and didn't move... coupled with the patch Fluxus that also didn't move... and desperately trying to make it seem that the shirt fits with that single button... beggars son.

and is mos on a 3GS? upgrade mos you can do it!

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bergdorf?? i'll admit when i lived in ny i never once stepped foot into the actual store. i always thought it was a staid old department store where ladies who lunch go to buy their chanel suits and hermes scarves. for the moneyed but never the cool. isn't it just one rung above, say, saks or neiman marcus?

whatever slim roots visvim formerly had in streetwear, it's definitely not that any longer.

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Need all white low tops (could go for high too..), hitting the FIL Tokyo store next week, hope they've got something.

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