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Top scents for men and women


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women: pear or other crisp fruit scent, nothing heavy, just like the scent from a deodarant

Men: nothing but ivory soap and pantene hair shampoo

I personally dontliek or get perfume, I prefer the smell of a clean person.

Masochism at it's finest.

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burberry brit and gucci envy are good bang for bucks.

my girl loves armani code but I don't like wearing cologne that every other guy has on.

creed erolfa is the shit I would probably just wear that all the time If I could afford it. Millisme imperial's pretty good too.

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Hermes, hermes, hermes.

Jardin sur le Nil is a perfume I wear all the time and I get complimented constantly.

I also adore 'In Love Again; by YSL.

On men, I like Eau d'Orange Vert" by Hermes and pretty much any Dior. Polo Blue is not bad either, for a relatively cheap perfume

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on guys..

issey miyake

cdg 2man

burberry brit

hermes -poivre samarcande

hermes - eau d'orange verte

on myself...

miss dior cherie

hermes - un jardin sur le nil

ysl nu

ysl in love again (stolen occasionally from cinderella)

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