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"Ordered some sunglasses to me and my girlfriend from OC Shades a week ago and got them today. We both ordered a pair of wayfarer of a bigger model than normal, and then i ordered a pair of 70 (seventes) glasses.

The wayfarer fits really great and was in the size i had hoped for, the other ones was a little to big for me, both the model and where it sits on the nose, ill see if i get to wear them. The whole ordered ended at 267 (swedish kroner) with freight and all included, which is tottaly okay / acceptable. Highly recommended."

Thats how i would translate it.

I am danish though, but i understand most written in swedish.

well i originally found it through a swedish blog (random):


translating his description says this...it barely makes sense but apparently he believes they are good quality and recommends it:

Order any sunglasses to me and mine sweetheart from OC Shades precedence weeks and was getting them today. Wes order cautious one couple wayfarer of few major model than orginalet , late order self also one couple tals brilliance. Wayfarersen am sitting really good and each precise in the magnitude self was hoping on , they second each few welfare superb for me , both to model and there them am sitting on nose , sheep watch if self am arriving uses them somewhat. Heal reservation was landing on kr with freight and all , wholly yoke really. Recommend high!

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i ordered some shit form oc shades too. ordered it on sunday, came wednesday. fuck yea.

the quality is actually pretty nice. its alot better than what urban outfitters peddles and better than gas stations. of course its no rayban but you cant really tell unless you feel the plastic. one thing im worried about is that these are probably not uv certified due to the price and everything. but at least they look good.

edit: i got 2 wayfayer type glasses for about 20 dollars total

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didnt see your question.

It is the wayfarer he is wearing in the picture.

can you tell which pair he is wearing in the picture? i cant understand which it is... thanks
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Curse you ted for showing me these frames. I want these so bad... there is a great nose-bridge piece that totally fits my face. Unfortunately ever since I took up this expensive photography hobby, $500 it's just too damn much for me to spend on anything but a new cam lens.

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Does anyone know where I could find some straight outa compton sun glasses?


Or how about a good source for out of print shades. I do agree that sunglasses look sooooo much better with a flat top on men in general! If you see any floatin around the interweb that fit that discription please drop a line here!

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Interesting ideas... what about non-aviator styles? Regardless of brand/model, that style just doesn't fit my face too well. Plus, most are in silver, gold or gunmetal, etc. and not flat or matte brown (which goes with my coloring).

How about this option? I like that you can get polarized RBs without paying crazy $$...


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quick question:

if i get a pair of ray ban wayfarers, can i bring them to lenscrafters or my ophthalmologist to get prescription lenses?

Yep, it's possible. They're a good candidate for it since the lens aren't too big or curved. Optical stores can do that to any pair of sunglasses, but I totally would not recommend getting it done on sunglasses which have large or curvy lenses because it will be VERY difficult / next to impossible for your eyes to get accustomed to and will lead to pretty bad headaches.

HOWEVER, while RayBan designs are usually good to do this, I personally think it's kinda stupid. RayBans were really never really famous or known for their designs (except for Wayfarers nowadays), but for the QUALITY of their lenses. Bottom line is: is it really smart to pop the Ray Ban lenses out and put in your own prescriptioned ones?

Whatever floats your boat. Might as well get Wayfarer knockoffs and pop the cheap lenses out of those to put in your own prescriptioned ones.

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