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Tanner Goods : Portland, Ore


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For the next leg of "Americana explosion", One Trip Pass, our good friends Jay Carroll, Ned Martel and Joey Yie have temporarily setup shop in Los Angeles, California.

Curated with a distinct selection of American made goods and products, the One Trip Pass pop-up retail shop is now open to the public at 833 East 3rd Street in Downtown, Los Angeles. They'll be around for a few days before the continue their great expedition of the west-coast and the old frontier.


When the guys passed through Oregon, they commissioned us to create a limited set of Tanner Goods products for "One Trip Pass"


Constructed of rich veggie dyed English Bridle, the deep chestnut-toned Saddle Stitched belt and Key Lanyard are each limited to 12 pieces respectively. Each product has been embossed with custom insignia, symbolizing their journey along the great expanse of America, and finished off with a black edge dye to match the contrasting stitch detail.

You can purchase the goods today in LA, this weekend at the Ace Hotel in Palms Springs, or at any of upcoming stops.

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here you go.. flip through the pages man, you'll find everything you need in these 26 pages.

Just to clarify... A 32 measures 34 inches to the center hole. Tagged size is measured to the first thole. Middle hole is 2 inches longer...
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Currently waiting quite impatiently for my natural belt to clear Canadian customs!

Did it make it yet? We try to make the whole customs thing easier... We'll also be switching to Fed EX for INT stuff soon.

about 2 weeks, depending on how far back your order is in the queue

This is correct. However, since moving into our all new 2 thousand sq ft. studio, production time and capacity will be heaps more efficient.

Just ordered a natural belt and bifold 4 days ago. So anxious it feels like it's been weeks!

It'll be there soon, I promise. We've got the online order queue about as up to current as it has ever been. Most orders have been going out a lot quicker then two weeks.

just got my natural belt and bifold. quality is amazing.

thank you

No problem!


Thanks for service, kix...

No prob Beats!

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