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Egg and Vineger trick?

Guest Methimphibian

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there isnt a certain rule to what ppl do to dry denim... jeez... some of u peeps are just wayyy too sensitive in to what OTHERS are doing... and yea... his stf's arent anything special even if he did used the clips

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The creases are going to look pretty fake when they fade if you use clips on them like that. The whiskers will be very thin and won't look 3-dimensional, so when you do it really you're only messing it up for yourself.

As for egg and vinegar, I wouldn't advise it. After a lot of experimentation, I've come to realize that there are basically three things you can do to keep your jeans from fading.

1) Don't wear them

2) Don't wash them

3) Buy jeans that have more indigo.

That's really it, basically. Many people have had different results with Levi's STF, and of course keep us updated on yours.

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