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Evisu No.1 Yamane/Stylecraft Special 2001 for Sale!


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Brand NEW!

1 Pair of Evisu No.1 Lot 2001 Yamane/Stylecraft (Japan Made) Size 34

This ain`t no fake "Italy made" Euro Evisu bullshit...100% Japanese Original!

I bought a 33 and a 34 in Japan a few weeks ago, but the 33 fits perfect so I don`t need the 34.

I don`t got the evisu shop reciept for the Jeans anymore, but I put one of the Evisu "the" Tokyo Store in a pic below...just as a proof. (for Evisu Style Magazine 05 & 2 Pair Socks)

-Style Craft Buttons

-Japan Made

-Site 34x35 (put they will shrink about 1-2 sizes after washing!!!)

-Evisu Cotton Bag incl!

400$ incl. Worldwide Shipping!







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Just have to brag alittle.......

Last week I found a pair of these used, probably washed once, but in great condition.....bought them for $50!!

Definitely my all-time best second hand find.

Awesome jeans, would definitely recommend anyone who can afford them to grab them quickly!

They do shrink a lot though. Mine are tagged 36 waist, and fit more like a 32.5

Fuck....more shit to buy

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I have a pair of these that I bought in Kyoto a couple of years ago. I had them paint the pockets with black paint. They are indeed a fine pair of jeans. The slimish cut is just right and the fade on mine is coming along really well. I sold a pair of #2 demin on ebay recently. I stopped wearing them because the #1 denim is so much nicer.

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