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For Sale One True Saxon Jackets Field Jungle Parka And Windbreaer


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doing some closet cleaning. thought id see if there was any interest here before they go on ebay.

ebay feedback is 830 and counting

done transactions with references include: carl, dino might!, kwonster, destructodisk, what, peteyross, babag, denimdad, scoki, hanginsoul, poly800rock, cityhunter, nairb49, giulianoa-11, Reggie Died, soundbomber, doctorgnar, QuestionableUser, btkrull, billiamphan, CyberPunk, abstract bM, 1995chardx, corter, mrpenguin354, werealldeadends, partytaco, Chponglasia, individualsole, technicolor, doctorgnar, alleyooptroop, itsmedeka, Maui, vivalaalec, landstander, kit714, steveeD, Wesley Pipes, locallau, revio, le14, lmaozedong, anhtice, superbob365, amo te, elnatural, staygold, $$pe_Japan, Prisoner, dnarnya and more

email me at [email protected] with any questions.

all prices include shipping within the US via priority mail.

one true saxon jungle parka with the mosquito mask

size medium


retailed for $400

looking for $140 shipped





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