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Thrift store finds

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i found a hart shafner marx blazer that fits nice and slim. lots of random ties, dress shirts, t-shirts.i have a really nice 38 regular wool trench that i found last year. my prize is this artic parka jacket that i scored for 6 bucks. the label only reads "jacket, Flying" nice and slim fitting.


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Had no idea this thread existed.

One of my few hobbies is thrifting.

I don't have pictures as a lot of stuff I've since given away to friends, or sold.

But in the past two years i've found the following at Goodwill/Salvation Army/ and a local thrift in Omaha 'Thrift World', and occasional thrifting when I was at home in Oklahoma.

Blanket lined Lee 91-b w/ 'Storz' beer patches - 3$

m51 fishtail parka - 9$

Levis 503 Bxx - 1.98$

Levis 302 XX - $4.25

70's 501xx - 4.25

60's Wranlger denim shirt - 1.98

LHT Lee 101's - 4.25

LHT Wrangler 13MWZ - 4.25

Unlined Lee 91-b

Lined Penneys Ranchcraft jacket

Penney's Foremost 1/2 selvage 4 pocket jean

LEVIS - Flannel

50's Health Gard thermal undershirt - 3$

70's skateboard - 1.35

6 Blue Glass Ball Mason Jars- 50 cents a piece

SO Many Fire King mugs - 50 cents a piece

2 Polaroid sx-70 camera's - 5$ a piece

50's Perry Mason paperbacks- 10 cents a piece

Prince 45's - 45cents a piece

every Flaming Lips cassette release - 1$ a tape

Bose Reel to Reel stereo component.

Florsheim imperial longwings with v-cleat heel-4.50

BoO Short Sleeve oxford shirt - 3$

15 bullet pencils - 1$ a piece

Canon Ae-1 program w/ speed flash & 50mm f:1.8 lens - 10$

and lots more. I go to Goodwill pretty much every day after work.

x-post of some pics of more recent finds

NOS Levis 501xx

62' 101-J

Wrangler 24MZJ

unlined 91-b

a skate board I found:





I've found other stuff too, but this is what I can remember.

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cant believe you got a BoO for $3 in BF alabama

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BF Nebraska, but yeah. I think a Japanese foreign exchange student at UNK either gave it to goodwill, or left it in his room or something. It had a japanese care tag stapled over the one in English. Plus it was goodwill, they sell Ed Hardy shirts for 40$ a pop and then have BoO oxfords, and old man Alden Loafers for less than 5$.

I bought a metal detector today for 7.50, i'l It takes more batteries than a ghetto blaster though (16 AA). It is probably from the 60's judging from how lo-tech it looks.



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I just thrifted this Rogan item in grey for 7.99 at value village and it looks like its been only worn twice omfg i'm going nuts.

I'll post pics when i have time.

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