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  1. Thrift store finds

    Visvim Christos for 50EUR.
  2. Tattoos

    Got a new one lately.
  3. china :: hong kong :: general

    Just a quick one, I will have an nine hour layover in HK. Is it realistic to take the time to go into HK or is it smarter to just make a way around Lantau for this couple of hours?
  4. Tattoos

    A girl in Amsterdam (Lilly Sue Tattoo).
  5. Tattoos

    Got a new one. My cat was one important animal in my life, I needed to put him down end of April. So I got him, kind of a cattoo.
  6. japan :: tokyo :: general

    I will try Light up coffee and deli fu cious for sure! I really like Hi Monsieur, such a cute store/coffee place. If you around Setagaya I also enjoyed On the way cupcakes.
  7. Tattoos

    Time to post my only one (till now). It stands for the city I was born in (Berlin) and the cities i lived/live in (Hamburg and Amsterdam).
  8. japan :: tokyo :: general

    There is one small brewery in Nakano really worth checking out. Don't know what the name is but you find it here ( https://goo.gl/maps/jGUiU55QY3U2 ). It's a nice atmosphere. Another Bar I really enjoyed is Crimjon ( https://www.facebook.com/BarCrimjon/ ). Small basement bar with plenty of vinyl and cds in the back. The guy that runs that bar (Shigeyuki) is really nice, you can sit there for hours listen to old music and have some nice chats with some local guys. Than there would be the usual places around Shibuya such as Tight or or Golden Balls.
  9. japan :: tokyo :: general

    Maybe the Muju Flagship at Ginza (together with LOFT). HOEK in Shibuya, right next (or better behind) Styles in Daikanyama there was also a small but fine interior store. Graphpaper would be an option as well.
  10. japan :: tokyo :: general

    I liked the The Great Burger.