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Oni Blue Size 29 Tab And Arcs New!!!!!!!!!!!


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brand new with tags still attached oni blues. picked these up in japan 8 months ago and never wore them. dont plan on wearing them in the future either so im cleaning my closet and selling them. TABS AND ARCS ATTACHED

never washed so still raw.

raw measurements are in inches

waist 32

front rise 11

back rise 14

thigh 11

knee 9

hem 8.75

inseam 36





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sounds like it will stretch back out. im awaiting confirmation to be sure but i think it will stretch back out to raw size like other pairs of raw denim.

question. im selling a pair of size 29 oni blues, raw waist size 32. will these stretch to a 32 after soak and wear? i dont know how easy these are to stretch as ive never dealt with onis before
I'd say so chan.

I can measure mine compared to BiG's raw measurement when I get home if it helps.

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