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John Lawrence Sullivan S/S 08


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another blog steal, I like this.

Japanese designer Arashi Yanagawa under the name of John Lawrence Sullivan, an American bare-knuckle boxer, for Spring/Summer ‘08.

In 2003, he established JOHN LAWRENCE SULLIVAN

From 2007 Spring/Summer season, unveiled his first collection at Tokyo.

In February 2008, opened a flagship shop in Nakameguro, Tokyo.

Arashi was born in Hiroshima.

Got in the ring for 4 years as a professional fighter.

After his retirement, became a fashion designer through self-taught.











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Looks really nice.

Id be interested in trying on the button ups too. I really like the cut. The pieces with boxing influences are interesting too. Particularly the shoes and this:




Isnt this kid a non-no model? His name is like Ken Takaharashi or something...I only remember it because we share a name. He's coming up, apparently.


Him too...

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Basically a Dior knock-off that rose to prominence in Tokyo during 2003-2004 because of its accessible price-points. Quality is average, cuts are ok. This season's collection has a strong Raf-simons X M.Hoolywood vibe; but it's his strongest collection and probably the one of the top three from last spring's Tokyo fashion week, which isn't saying much. Alas, he'll always be marginalized in the Tokyo fashion sphere due his adherence to following trends rather than tackling new paths. It doesn't help that his label's logo is a coat of arms; at least he didn't do cross bones....

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