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Leathercrafting Creations: PYC


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well, yes and no. i need to take a break till march, im designing my own stuff and learning new skills, but i'm taking orders every now and again. my email is also super clogged, so a lot of it is going unanswered right now or i'm very slow to answer. pm me though please, i dont want business in the thread.

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2 Question-groups:

1. Just got a natural leather belt from Tanner Goods (wish I had done more research to support corter or hollow here!). Is it customary to take this thing out in the sun with me to darken the color, or will that color darken over time by wearing it, or should I pick out a dye???

2. Anyone (Hollows, Corter, Marshall, others) worked with buffalo hide? I'm intrigued by the authenticity of such a material. My parents make their own buffalo jerky and other meat byproducts where it is feasible to do so up in Wyoming. I realize that a hide is probably more expensive and less accessible, but has anyone tried anything with it?

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^^I think they are called snaps or something.

I recently caught the leather-making bug too. My first attempt at tooling. It's pretty damn hard. Please excuse all the crooked stitching. My first attempt at that too,





damn son! i didn't know you had skills like that! looks dope, i'll take two.

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