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I caked my Nudies in mud


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Okay so the other night I was drunk riding my walmart girly bike in the rain and I fell in the mud and my nudies which I've worn every single day since the beginning of August are now caked in mud. Pics:



I tried to find a thread that dealt with getting mud off raw denim but I didn't find what I was looking for. I obviously would hate to lose my shine so I'm most inclined toward soaking em and seeing how much dirt I can lose. Anyone have any tips for the removal of mud?

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the dry cleaning process doesnt consist of water, so i doubt there is a medium in dry cleaning that makes mud particles soluble.

but wtf man.

even if the dude manages to scrap ALL the mud off, there still aint gonna be no more shine, so just fucking washing your jeans, its not that hard.

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I find that getting jeans dirty/muddy helps accelerate the fading process.

But yeah, just wear them and the caked on mud will fall off as it dries. Then as the fabric bends, the dirt will shake free from the fibers.

Or as suggested you could wash them, they are jeans and they will be fine

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Lick them clean.

OR better yet...go to a real sleaze-type strip club and get one of the scallies (the one's with c-section scars and stretch marks on their already pregnant looking guts) to take you to the "shampayne" room and have HER lick it off.

burn them and start over. This time with Japanese denim.


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